Jade Rollers, popping up lately on your Instagram feed and claims to be a fix-everything solution, is all the rage these days. Even though it’s been trending recently, this beauty trend is nothing but new. From helping to flush out toxins to boost circulation simultaneously while always increasing coveted radiance, they've got you covered. Jade rollers have proven track records of delivering legit benefits in China. Long before, when social media influencers did not even exist, the jade rollers were said to have been a part of the beauty routine among Chinese elites since the Qing dynasty. From its reputation among crystal healers for warding off anxiety and stress to having cooling properties, the stone jade makes the rolling experience soothing and refreshing.

While no skin tool can answer all your skin concerns, the jade rollers are said to do everything from helping with product absorption, cutting down on puffiness, firming skin, minimizing fine lines, improving elasticity, and whatnot. The list is endless. It’s not hard to see why the jade rollers have gained a huge following with everyone in less time, from your Instagram-obsessed roommate to your cousins who swears by her chemical-free face products.

For the unfamiliar ones, the Jade roller is pretty much like what it sounds. It has an oblong stone of pure jade that’s attached to a handle with a metal frame like a roller. Unclenching your jaw must be our top priority. We often put our jaws to work. They definitely deserve the best facial massage treatment. Similar to a deep tissue session that leaves your body feeling reinvigorated and relaxed, facial massage treats your overworked facial muscles with a little love which can, in turn, slow down those spots where wrinkles are born.

Some prefer double-sided rollers with a large stone on one end and a smaller piece on the other end. Meanwhile, for others, one-sided rollers might work best. Everyone has different preferences. There are plenty of styles available in the market. But not every roller promises lasting results; some might fall apart or have a fake stone, so make sure the one you opt for is legit. A few of your favourite brands are jotted down in this blog. Take a look!

Mount Lai De-Puffing Jade Facial Roller

Newbie or a pro, everyone is going to love the ease and efficacy of this double-sided Mount Lai De-Puffing Jade Facial Roller promises. Its wider stone on one end is for the cheeks, down the neck and forehead and the other one is for under the eyes between brows and other targeted areas. Its cooling, soothing effect on the skin will make you fall in love with your skin all over again. Also, it is far less noisy than other models and sturdier than many similar models of other brands. The brand recommends you use it with serum or oil to help cut down on friction.

Nordstrom Double Duty Jade Roller

A dual texture jade roller that can help you customize your massage experience and get the blood pumping, what more could you ask for? Nordstrom’s double duty smooth & textured jade face roller exactly does that. You can use any of the sides on whichever part of your face needs a boost as both sides of the roller are the same size. The brand suggests daily using the roller for five to ten minutes to witness prominent benefits.

Esker Beauty Allover Jade Roller

This one is absolutely the best and priciest on our list. Esker Beauty Allover Jade Roller have equally great benefits for the skin below your chin and is specifically made with a large piece of Xiuyan jade to cover more skin at once. This tool is not double-sided but offers a broader handle for an easier grip. The 7-inch by 3.25-inch size claim to increase stimulation while also boosting blood flow and flush toxin out of your muscles. We recommend using it right out of the shower with body moisturizer or oil.

GingerChi Anti-Aging Jade Roller

Yet another dual-sided option, the GingerChi Anti-Aging Jade Rollercomes with an oil-based serum and is soldered with silver nickel into a beautiful and easy-to-hold frame. This one claims to help even out skin tone, reduce dark circles, improve sinus condition and support product absorption into the skin. For full benefits, use a few drops of the serum before starting your massage regimen. You can use the roller as often as you like

Herbivore Jade Facial Roller

Made of aventurine jade, Herbivore Jade Facial Roller is now way more durable than ever. It is crafted with improved hardware and ethically-mined stones to withstand the test of time and use. This incredible tool is best for both inner and outer beauty. Each jade facial roller might vary in colour and shape since each is created from genuine stone, but all promise you the same and long-lasting results. From improving vitality to freshen your complexion and luminosity. Since the roller is being used on your face, clean it with warm water and store it in a dry place. Also, pair your roller with a sheet mask to help it better adhere to the skin and add a cooling benefit.

Knesko Jade Gemstone Roller

For all those who love to carry their roller along with them, Knesko Jade Gemstone Roller is an amazing tool to have on hand. This splurge-worthy pick comes with a convenient carry case for those who can’t leave home without their jade roller. It is quite like a jewellery box full of gems and jewels. The same way you wisely pick jewellery that complements your outfits, this gemstone roller is created to be interchanged. This means you can set it according to the changing needs of your skin/spirit, providing the nourishment & energy your body is calling for. Soothes skin, reduces fine lines, promote lymphatic drainage, aids in product adsorption and balances chi are some of its benefits that you can take advantage of.  

Mei Apothecary Jade Facial Roller

You must have heard the rule that good quality things don’t come s, but this Mei Apothecary Jade Facial Roller is an exception to this rule. It’s a dual-ended roller with tarnish-proof metal, and two roller heads best for a relaxing facial experience. Suitable for all skin types and a perfect complement to any serum oil, mask or moisturizer. It promises you all the features you need and is solely intended for cosmetic use on the face and neck only.

Atahana Jade Roller

Not all the jade rollers you may find are not actually real jade, but this Atahana Jade roller is 100 per cent made of Xiyuan jade mined from China. If you want to reap the stone’s energetic effects, make sure you pick this one. This worthy splurge tool doesn’t come alone, but a gua sha tool is also in the box for you. Use the roller massager to balance chi, promote spirituality and witness anti-ageing benefits. All these above-described jade rollers improve the overall appearance of your skin and are suitable even for sensitive or irritated skin because they can calm inflammation. While rolling, it applies only light pressure as pushing down too hard can damage the delicate capillaries in your face. And one of the best things about jade rollers is that you can use them as often as you like.