Once a cupid played its trick, and you fell in love with a person you never expected to be with! Today you both are a happy couple, but then there are those times when you don’t feel that elated even when they’re around. This is maybe because things have become too monotonous for both of you. The spark that was once there is now snuffed out. Well, perhaps you can try out different activities to stir a little more charm and joy in your relationship. And, we aren’t talking about those mainstream bland candlelight dinners. Instead, we’ve brought you a bunch of exciting and unusual things to do with your significant other. Take a look.

Visit an Escape Room

Escape rooms are one of the craziest things ever to get invented! They’re fun, mysterious, exciting, thrilling and everything else that tickle your nerves. Now imagine having that experience with your loved one by your side. You both can have all the fun together, scream in impulse and jump in joy together when you find a key or a door. It can be a different and ecstatic experience for both individuals that would surely help you connect better. You can type Best Escape rooms near me in the search bar and hit one of them to whoop it up.

Stargaze on a Rooftop

Have you ever slept under a blanket of stars when you were a kid and kept staring at the brightest star in the sky? That was undoubtedly the most serene feeling ever. This is something you can definitely do with your partner as well. You can do it on the roof of your house or building, or maybe find a spot in the open air. Set out a throw on the ground, lay on it and just gaze into the sky full of stars while holding hands. If not outside your home, you can search stargazing events near me and attend some heavenly events with other people. It’s blissful and dreamy and both of you can talk in peace about each other, about life and everything in between!

Climb a Mountain

Haven’t you ever wished to go on an adventure with your partner? Is your search history full of entrees like travel ideas for couples? Doing something together that’s a little reckless and venturesome can certainly introduce both of you to each other’s adventurous sides. That’ll be a nice break from the cheesy romance if that’s what you’re seeking. Set off on a short break, go hiking or climb on top of a mountain to see the world from atop with your better half by your side! Also, some of the hill stations are ranked among the must visit destinations in 2021, so you can check that off your bucket list too.     

Visit Each Other’s School

For matchless compatibility, both the individuals must know their partners well! You might know about their past relationships or workplaces, but do you know anything about their childhood? It's the part of their lives that shaped their personality. For this, maybe you can visit their school! The place where they spent their entire childhood, made friends, had fun on swings, fell on the ground and got scolded by their teachers. This might look a little boring to you, but once you go there, it’ll just entice your heart. Visit each other’s schools and talk about your childhood, games you played, classrooms you studied in and everything else you want.  

Try a Drive-in Cinema

Going on a movie date is by far the most used tactic by couples! But this one’s a little different. We’re not talking about a normal cinema where you just grab popcorns and sit straight until the movie ends. Instead, we’re talking about a drive-in cinema, where you stay in your cars or maybe on top to watch a romantic movie on a big screen under a clear sky. Fetch your fav food and make it a tiny occasion for just the both of you.

Go Fishing!

Fishing isn’t what a lot of people do! It’s underrated, but if you pick this one and decide to try it out, you’ll know how much fun it brings. You can take a day out and go to a fresh lake or pond with all your fishing gear with you. Catch some fishes together, and cook them on a tiny stove that you brought along. It’s going to be a little picnic where you’ll catch fishies, cook, eat, drink, and talk. Just make sure to get the best gear to let this experience be free of any inconveniences. We bet you’ll lay on the grass at the end of the day to talk about how refreshing this fishing picnic was!

Sneak into a Homeware Store

This isn’t some normal sneaking around; ok, this might be illegal, but try not to get caught! What you can do is find a homeware store that both of you love glaring on from that huge glass window on the street. Find out the store's closing time at night, and just when they pull down the shutters, you’re all set to sneak in. You can roam around the store, pretend that it’s your home, have dinner on their fancy dining table, play some music and dance around. It’ll be the most unusually romantic date ever!

Make Pizza at Home

If both of you or even one of you love cooking, this idea can be a fab one! Pick a day from the weekend or the weekdays to stay at home and cook pizza for dinner. It sounds normal, but if both of you do it, it wouldn’t feel so normal. Grab all the ingredients from the superstore, fetch a recipe and just cook. Maybe you can play around a little in the kitchen with the ingredients and make both pizza and love. Even if the pizza turns out bad, you will see how much communication you did throughout the day and how much both of you accomplished together.

Climb a Tree

Sounds childish and ridiculous? Well, it is! But who told you that you cannot be childish once you grow up! In case you have a big tree out of your house or in a park nearby, climb that one! Just ensure choosing the right outfit to stay comfortable and flexible for the adventure.You don’t always have to act all mature and adult; there’s always room for bringing out your inner child. And if that happens with your loved one, it’s even better! Laugh your heart out, giggle all you want and do things that makes no sense. Sometimes, it’s all your heart needs!

Spend a Night at a Cemetery

We never said that this list is going to be all about fun, joy and childish stuff! You can also experience a little horror together. Cemeteries are all sad and sombre, but they turn a little frightening as the clocks hit midnight! Well, its adventurous, exciting, frightening and dark, but you’ll love it when you would have a hand to hold onto when you’re scared. Spend a night in a cemetery and if that’s too much, just spend a few hours to get that daunting experience together.  

Build a Pillow Fort

We’ve all done this when we were little children! Building a fort with pillows and pretending to be its resident was the most fun thing to do. How about being a child again? You can create the same fort with your partner (make it slightly bigger as it’s the two of you now), snuggle in and watch your fav movie from under that blanket fort! Oh, and don’t forget to put on your cosy PJs!