Having your coffee tables crammed with the snacks, corns popping in the microwave and consoles on stand-by; it's definitely a perfect Sunday plan to go with! Well, it can all get ruined if your smooth gaming gets hindered. And, this is something that has happened to all of us often. Most of the times, the controllers aren't working properly and cause a number of troubles amid an extremely interesting game. Now, we would never want you to suffer that way and have your Sundays spoiled, and so, we've brought you a quick guide to refer and get solutions if you own a PS4 and are running into the Dual Shock 4 problems. Take a look in the below-mentioned problems and their quick fixes.

PS4 Controller Won't Turn On

This one is the most common problem people come up with. If your controllers aren't turning on, they might be out of charge. When the battery is too low, the controllers lose the power required to turn them on. So, just plug it in and let the DS4 charge to 100% before resuming playing. If this doesn't work, you might need to replace your battery.  

PS4 Controller Won't Connect

Using PS4 controllers on devices other than yours is a very common thing that most of the people do. Well, this can be a reason that your controller isn't connecting to your PS4. You'd be seeing that light bar flashing for a bit on the controller and then going off when it's unable to connect. In such situations, first of all, unplug and turn off the other device that your controller is connected to. Now, re-pair it with your own console by using a micro-USB cable. When it connects successfully, you can disconnect the cable and use your controller wirelessly as you usually do. In case this doesn't work, reset your controller entirely by pressing the button inside of a tiny hole located at the back of your controller.

PS4 Controller Won't Charge

There may be a number of reasons if your controller isn't charging. Firstly, check your USB cable and see if it's working correctly. You can plug it in and move it lightly to see if it charges; in case it does, your cable might be loose or broken and needs to be changed. Another problem can be your battery itself. If it is too old, consider getting it replaced with a new one. Besides, the controller's charging port can also be faulty, and in these cases, you must replace the ports.

PS4 Controller Touchpad Not Responding

The touchpad is certainly a great addition to the controller. However, there may be times when it doesn't respond. This is mainly because some of the games that you play don't have the software incorporated in them, which is needed to work with the touchpad. You can check and make sure if those specific games are compatible with the touchpad. Also, there are some areas of the PlayStation in general that aren't compatible with the touchpad.

If you've checked and the game does support the touchpad, there might be other reasons for the touchpad not working. First, you might need to install the latest update if you haven't already. If you have and it still doesn't work, try resetting the controller. If none of these works, you might need to change your touchpad.

PS4 Controller Won't Vibrate

When your controller isn't vibrating during an exciting game, it drastically reduces the game's impact. The controller might fail to vibrate when the battery is low, and it is trying to sustain the charge for a maximum time period. Make sure to charge your controllers to have the best experience. In case it is fully charged, the vibration function might be turned off from the settings. For this, you can go to the controller’s menu and enable the vibration function.

Besides this, there are connectivity problems between the controller and console as well, which cause the disability of some features, including vibration. To solve this issue, turn off both the console and controller and turn them back on. If none of those mentioned above solutions work, the vibration motors inside the controller might be damaged, and you would need to get a new motor.

PS4 Controller Won't Sync to the Console

There can be two reasons for the syncing problem that you're facing. It can either be your controller or your Wi-Fi router that needs resetting. For resetting the controller, turn off both the PS4 and controller and press the reset button located at the back of the controller. Now that you've reset, connect the console and controller by a USB cable and turn on the PS4.

For resetting the router, turn off the console and power button of your Wi-Fi router. Now, turn on your PS4 while the router is still switched off to check if that interference was causing the trouble. If your router was the problem, change the channel to either 1 or 11 to make sure the interference won't happen again.

PS4 Controller Won't Make Sound

It happens a lot of times that the controller stops emitting audio from the speaker system. First of all, check whether the volume is turned up in your controller or not. For that, open the Home screen of PS4 and go to the function area to select "settings". Next, click on "devices", from where you will click on "controllers". Now, select the option of "volume control and turn it up if it's turned down.

In case the volume is already turned up, check your router connection by turning it off and then turning on the PS4. If Wi-Fi connectivity was the issue, this would solve it. However, if this doesn't work as well, you might need to reset your controller. For that, shut down your PS4 console and press the reset button on the back of your controller. After resetting, connect the console and controller with a USB cable and turn on your PS4.