After a massive battle with society, the LGBTQ community finally locked up on its rights to spend their lives with whomever they want, regardless of their gender! They came out strong and are now proving to be happier and satisfied with their relationships. After all this acceptance of homosexual couples, have you ever wondered how it really differs from the connection of a man and a woman? Are people in same-sex relationships happier than those in the opposite ones? If so, what are the possible reasons? We have all the valid reasons for this from properly conducted studies and researches.

If we look at the basics, men and women are primitively different in several ways that lay forward many challenges for straight couples. On the other hand, homo couples don’t go through these problems and are comparatively more satisfied. You can say that same-sex couples are a cut above when it comes to the quality of their relationships!

What does Psychology say?

According to research, people in a gay relationship have similar psychology due to their genders being the same. This reflects in the way they carry on an argument or a fight. Homosexuals are more affable and kinder when they get into a fight. Whether they disagree on a particular point or have gotten into some other conflict, they resolve it in a much healthier way than heterosexual couples. Besides that, gay couples are seen to be less defensive amid a fight where both the partners try to soften the tension of the entire argument. The lack of defensiveness here plays a major role in the couple dealing with their issues better.

Same-sex couples have one more added benefit that contributes to the healthier and happier relationship they share. When people from the same gender tie-up, they don’t have any stereotypical gender differences between them. There are no gender roles that can cause any discord; for e.g., the couple is more likely to divide the house chores equally without specifying any gender roles.

Lastly, people in a same-sex relationship understand each other better and have greater empathy. A woman understands the experiences and feelings of another woman better, and the same goes with men. This increased understanding makes them much more thoughtful, gentle and affectionate with one another, even amid an argument. To sum up, homosexual people take the lead in relationships and sentimental matters as they identify with each other’s feeling better and experience a lack of gender differences!