Everything modern and contemporary is undoubtedly fascinating, but if retro plays the game along with them, it’s unquestionably a win for it. And, when it comes to the interiors of your house, you can’t pick a better theme than those that take you a few decades back. One of the finest themes that kick in the nostalgia is the Mid-Century Modern Design. It’s an eccentric blend of the ancient look and minimalism where everything from the colours to furniture to windows will take you to the 1900s. What incorporates in your furnishings and décor is lots and lots of rust, wood, simple lines, a touch of greens and blues and absolutely no-clutter. Well, there’s a lot more to it that brings in the perfect cornball vibes and can turn your plain homes into spaces filled with essence and sentience. Here are 11 phenomenal pieces of furniture and textiles for your houses that will fit perfectly in the mid-century theme. 

Brown Seating

The mid-century interiors ask for a bit of saturation in the hues and a mix of neutral and vibrant colours. A brown seating will fix in amazingly to cater to this. You can get a brown leather sofa or a couch for your living room while balancing the surroundings with lighter shades. Besides, brown also works for the wooden vibe needed in the room.

Wood + Metal Coffee table

One of the great features of this astounding design theme is a mix of traditional and non-traditional material in the furnishings. To bring in just that, a coffee table made of wood and metal will do wonders for the aura. The centre of your living room will have this warm feeling with a wood-metal table over a nice and cushy rug.

Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Once a great interior designer said, “lights give everything their presence”, and artificial lights are one of the fundamental elements of mid-century design. To go a little effortless in the setting and to bring in the hues of rust, a copper coloured swing-arm wall lamp will be an exceptional addition to your home. You can have it for both your bedrooms and living areas, and in case you don’t prefer a copper coloured piece, you can always go for other options. 

Jute Rug

Playing around with jute in the interiors of your house always usher in a highly aesthetic vibe. With some light coloured sofas around and a pretty centre table over it, a jute rug will be an unerring fit. And, if your space is mostly in the whites or off whites, this jute rug stretched under your couches will add a beautiful hint of saturated colours.

House Plants

Having a bit of nature inside your home is heavenly beyond imagination. Also, plants go in contrast with hard surfaces such as brick walls. Mid-century modern homes had plants with deep green colour, and it was quite popular as well. From Zanzibar gems to Fiddle Leaf Fig trees, you can get a bunch of house plants to escort a lively look to your place.

Mid-Century Paintings

The era of Mid Century had some extraordinary artists and sculptors that produced a cluster of fantastic pieces. Today, when you are designing your entire house on the very theme, it becomes imperative to add a piece or two of the art as well. Fetch some mid-century paintings with pop art, bold colours, iconic images, repeating patterns and more. To fill up more space, you can opt for a painting, split it into two, frame them separately and hang them side by side to prompt an interesting look.

Ceiling Fireplace

Fireplaces are all-time stars! Whether it is to keep yourself warm amid the wintry season or it’s just to sprinkle some fascination in the decor, fireplaces always work astoundingly. Mixing the ancient feels and the modern ones, you can get your house a ceiling fireplace. Sounds exotic? Well, this will probably steal away all the attention while glueing each and every visitor’s eyes to itself. On that note, it might serve as a statement piece as well.   

Wooden Bookcase

The mid-century was a period of literary creativity when writers and poets were going gaga on words! Alongside this, books are always the brainy inclusions whether you’re designing your house on a historical theme or not. So, keeping in view the literary era and the impressive play by the brownish tones, a wooden bookshelf would be a peerless piece to beef up the aura. In case you decide to set up an entire library in a corner, it will flaunt a mid-century look flawlessly!   

Hanging Paper Lanterns

As already discussed, that lights are the obligatory chunks of decoration when you’re doing the interior; a bit of modification wouldn’t do any harm. Along with the simple and bright lights and lamps, you can also go for a few paper lanterns to hang in different spots. Be it your lounge, dining area, or your bedroom, the lanterns will bring awesome lighting and warmth to your setting.

Sculptures & Pottery

After furniture and textiles, what catches the eye is the decoration of your house. In Mid Century, art was at its peak, with painting, pottery and sculpting being the centre of attraction for most. If you really want to induce the nostalgic feel in your space, adding in a bunch of sculptures and pottery as little decorative pieces would be a fantastic idea. Make sure to get a piece that compliments the style of your house and other furnishings.

A Timepiece

You certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on a perfect wall clock that dates back to the 1960s! Ok, if not the original one, you can definitely get the ones made on similar designs today. It can be a simple clock with a mix of metal and wood, or it can include some timeless designs and engravings from the past. You can even decorate one entire wall with different clocks and let that corner of your house be the ultimate showstopper!